an online petition aimed at bringing attention to the issue of radiation in school lunches in our city(署名のお願い(英語版))

We, the Society to Protect the Children of Iruma, invite you to sign our petition aimed at protecting the children of this city from being exposed to radiation in school lunches.
We hope to bring as many signatures as possible to our city
council. We welcome all who agree with our cause to sign, regardless of whether or not you’re a citizen or resident of Iruma City or Saitama Prefecture, or even Japan. We appreciate you signing as a show of support.
Iruma city in Saitama prefecture is about 230km from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, but it is certain that radioactive contaminants from Fukushima have been detected here.
Children are several times more vulnerable to both internal and external radiation exposure. Adults must work together to assure the ingredients being used in our children’s school lunch are safe. We are therefore asking our local government and board of education to set up a system wherein school lunch ingredients are screened and only non-contaminated ingredients are used in the city’s school lunches. We also urge the board of education to make a clear statement that families who prefer to send children to school with their own drinks and lunches from home are free to do so. It is very important that the board of education makes a clear statement about this, because even though school lunch is optional in Japan, schools here take pride in their reputation for providing healthy lunches and there is strong pressure on parents to have their kids eat school lunch unless a child has a severe allergy issue. The pressure comes from principals, teachers and classmates, and kids can even be subject to bullying simply for bringing their own lunch.
Japan’s school lunch system has long been known as one of the best in the world, and has helped to sustain our children’s nutrition for several generations. Sadly, we are now discovering that more and more of our food is being contaminated by radiation.
If we don’t protect our children now, we’ll see them starting to have health problems in five or perhaps ten years, and exposure to radiation can even affect subsequent generations.
Today’s adults are responsible for minimizing children’s exposure to radiation.
If you agree, please help us by signing our online signature.

After reading, if you are interested in signing please click on the "online signature form" link I've shared.

The page is only in Japanese but anyone can sign. If you scroll down the page a little you will see the word "Required" in red font, and under that 5 boxes. The first two boxes are required. Please write your name in the top box. The second box is for your address, but you don't have to put your full address. Just city, state/prefecture, and country are fine. The third box is for your email address, but this is not a requirement. The fourth is a yes/no question, but this is asking if you want to receive email communications from the Society to Protect the Children of Iruma. Only Japanese is available for these communications. The fifth box is for you to write a message if you want to--English or any other language is fine.





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